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We recognise the importance of access to services and information, we additionally pride ourselves on our unique customer focused approach towards client care and have developed a process to cater specifically to the needs of our clients needs.
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Our Process

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The service experience begins with contacting us here at MediBlue. A member of our highly experienced team will take your call and discuss your requirments in detail and initiate the process for you. Your details will initially be registered and designated to a dedicated account manager who will contact you.

Quotation Stage

Following your initial contact with MediBlue you can next expect an official quotation from us. In order to protect integrity and for fraud prevention, our quotation offer with validity period will be sent to you directly from MediBlue and not via any third party agents. As part of our process, we take the integrity of all our transactions very seriously

Registration Process

Once your quotation has been reviewed and accepted, we will then initiate the process of your official registration into the MediBlue system. This is very a key step which will involve initial due diligence as well as give you access to your own dedicated private client portal where you will be able to maintain contact around the clock.

Dedicated Account Manager

As part of our effort to provide premium customer service as well as fradu prevention, MediBlue will assign you a dedicated account manager for the duration of your order. This will ensure that you are only working with MediBlue and no third party agents to ensure the privacy and security of your transaction.

Contact MediBlue

After communication with your account manager you can expect the initiation of your order. Timescales and schedules, as well as any correspondance such as SGS reports, invoices and communication are all exchanged with you via a private client access only area. This is to ensure fraud prevention as well as an effective communication process.

Payment & Delivery

As your order nears completion the mechanics of our logistics process will be initiated and any relevant paperwork required for processing of payment such as SGS will be presented and your product will be delievered either on an FOB or CIF basis depending on your intial order requirment. Your account manager will support you from start to finish.

Simplicity is key

Your entire experience with Mediblue will be simple and effective giving you the confidence that you are in safe hands. We understand the issues faced in today's market and will work with you to ensure that you will find safety and integrity at every stage with a name you can trust. 

Our unique approach of combining privacy and premium customer service is proven to eliminate any form of fraud as such you will only be working with your dedicated account manager and will not be working with any third party agents.

Our order tracking back office system will enable our clients to privately and securely access their own private account with MediBlue to enable them access to tracking their order status in real-time, to have direct access to their designated account manager, to share and to view important trade related documentation such as contracts, invoices, SGS reports and any other relevant documents.

Our system is secured using the latest SSL technology ensure end to end encryption for safety and security of private documentation within our securely hosted system. The smooth access to information and communication is a vital element of our business model and are proud to be able to serve our valued clients ensuring that you will have full access to all information as and when required anytime you need.

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